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are you an ex-directioner?

This is probably directed towards Janelle but I for one, am not really interested in the boys anymore. At all.

- Daniya xo

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C: i hate how the girls cancelled 2 whole fucking tours for an album they're not even working on. All they do is party and go out instead of making music. I'm starting too loose my liking for them tbh. I love the girls but i hate how they said that they don't have time to write an album to cancel the tour but all they do is nothing. I'm done.

This is a One Direction blog not a Little Mix blog, if it was Perrie in particular you were talking about, this confession probably would’ve been posted but its not so, sorry.

-Daniya xo

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ik you guys have answered this multiple times but what editing program do you use


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Just have to say... i'm in love with your blog, and your tags, and your answers, and you 😙

Thank you :)

- Janelle x

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C- I feel like I'm the only one who didn't like Danielle.

There are so many Sophia Smith blogs that just talk smack about Danielle. No matter what you should know, considering there are millions of 1D fans, you will never be the only one who does or doesn’t like something. And considering how racist 1D fans were to her, again, even when she was still here, you weren’t the only one…

- Janelle x

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